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Solstice Farms at Harvest Time

Michigan Fruit Farms

There are currently two parts to Solstice Fruit Farms.

We have several apple orchards in central Michigan as wells as several cherry orchards at the end of picturesque Old Mission Peninsula, approximately 17 miles north of Traverse City, Michigan.

We also have additional facilities off Kenowa road, as well as in Kent City and Grant, Michigan.


A. Old Mission Peninsula Cherry Farm

2997 Swaney Road
Traverse City, Michigan 49686

B. Kent City, Michigan Apple Farm

15585 Fruit Ridge Ave.
Kent City, Michigan 49330

C. Grant, Michigan Farm

D. Kenowa Road Farm

E. Hubbard Farm

Adjacent to the Grant Farm


Solstice Fruit Farms Central Michigan Fruit Stand

If you're interested in trying some of our delicious fruit, but don't own a major grocery store, please stop by our fruit stand.

You'll generally find whatever is currently in season at our fruit stand. Throughout the year you'll find sweet cherries, peaches, and a variety of early season apples. Our fruit stand is generally open from July 1st to the end of September. The specific dates are based on the growing season.

Do Business with Solstice Fruit Farms

If you're interested in purchasing wholesale fruit or learning more about Solstice Farms, please contact us using the following information:

Jean Nyblad
Solstice Farms LLC.

15585 Fruit Ridge Ave.
Kent City, Michigan 49330

phone: 616.675.7641


Cherry Truck at Solstice Harms

Cherry truck at Solstice Farms

Brand New Tractor


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We are a commercial farm, not a u-pick farm.
We do have a stand open from June to Fall.

Solstice Farms LLC.

15585 Fruit Ridge Ave.
Kent City, Michigan 49330

Phone: 616.675.7641