The Solstice Farms Story

The History of Solstice Farms

This history of Solstice Farms is the story of Nyblad Orchards.

Gustav Nyblad - pictured at right - started our cherry and apple farm as Nyblad Orchards over 90 years ago, in 1912.  His was a Swedish immigrant, freshly arrived in America. He choose to settle in Michigan because of it's resemblance to his homeland.

When Gustav passed on, the farm passed from father to sons. It was inherited by William Nyblad and his brother, Irving Nyblad, the boys of Gustav - pictured below..

William's sons, Peter and his two brothers (Nick and Nels) took the farm over for William and Irving, eventually splitting it into Nyblad Orchards and Solstice Farms.

Peter also thanks his cousin Dan's 60 years of fruit growing experience as a cornerstone to building Nyblad Orchards into one of the top fruit growers in Michigan, as well as when he needs advice about technical issues of growing fruit. 

The Future of Solstice Farms

After attending IFTA (International Fruit Tree Association) for the last 5 years, Solstice Farms has been planting more apple trees at a higher density.

These high density orchards will be have production within 2 years of planting and will lend themselves to mechanical harvest in the future.

For 2014, we are planting 10,000 Royal Red Honey Crisps. Which is a new "Red" Honey Crisp. This Royal Red Honey Crisp will planted 3 foot apart for faster production and easier to manage.

Our Roayl Red Honey Crisp apples will be in full production Fall of 2016.

We are continuing to plant new varieties and root stocks every year. These higher denisty orchards will have 1200 trees per acre and will give us good prodcution for Fall 2016.

These new varieties and root stocks are in such demand, we are ordering trees 2 to 4 years a head of time .


Peter Nyblad and Chapas harvesting cherries on Old Mission Peninsula in 2007.

Peter relaxing.

Peter and Gabe Nyblad taking a
well-deserved fishing break.



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